Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 1st October 2020, 2:57PM

Solaku Sdn Bhd (“we”, “Company”, or “BeliBeli24”) is committed to protecting the Customer rights of all users and visitors to our website www.belibeli24.com and all users and visitors who access our website or services through any mobile application (collectively, “Platform”).

1. Definition

  1. Service – The BeliBeli24 website or app developed by Solaku Sdn Bhd which receives Online Bookings from Customers and delegates it to the correct Business Partners for the latter to deliver the booked goods.
  2. Customer – Individuals or companies who make Online Booking with the Platform Business Partners.
  3. Business Partner – The independent partners of the Platform who provide Items based on Online Bookings which consists of Delivery Partners, Service Partners and Merchant Partners.
  4. Item – The goods or service booked by Customer in an Online Booking
  5. Online Booking – The request for goods of a Business Partner made from BeliBeli24 website or app.

2. Purpose

Our objective is to link our Business Partners and allow Customers to make Online Bookings to request for deliveries or services from the Business Partners (our “Service”).The Company is only responsible for providing Business Partners with Online Bookings from Customers whenever available. Business Partners are responsible in providing the correct product or service depending on their type:

  1. Merchant Partners are responsible for providing the correct products as ordered by BeliBeli24 Customers which must be in good condition, safe to consume, have not expired, are not illegally obtained, and/or exactly as ordered in the Online Bookings. Merchant Partners shall open an account and use the Business Partner Platform to do business in the Platform.
  2. Service Partners are responsible for providing the correct service as ordered by BeliBeli24 Customers which must be of acceptable quality by the BeliBeli24 Customers within the booked location and time as ordered in the Online Bookings. Service Partners shall open an account and use the Business Partner Platform to do business in the Platform.
  3. Delivery Partners are responsible for obtaining the correct ordered products from the correct Merchant Partners and deliver the said products to the correct BeliBeli24 Customers as ordered in the Online Bookings. Delivery Partners shall open an account and use the Delivery Partner Platform to do business in the Platform.

All Business Partners must obey the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and not sell, reveal, or share customer or business information to a third party at all times.

All Business Partners must follow the Privacy Policy and BeliBeli24 Partners’ Code of Conduct as well as obey the local consumer and traffic laws in his or her state at all times. The Company is not liable for lack or loss of business, poor Service quality by Business Partners, and other activities which involve a dispute between the Business Partner and BeliBeli24 Customers and/or a third party. BeliBeli24 Customers have the right to lodge a complaint against a Business Partner to the relevant authorities to exercise their consumer rights. The Company is also not liable for any damages or loss to the Business Partner which is caused by Acts of God, civil unrest, war, and other unforeseen and uncontrollable third party circumstances. Any legal dispute between the Company and Business Partner shall be brought forward to relevant authorities or the Malaysian court.

3. Your Account

  1. You need to open a BeliBeli24 account either as a Customer or a Business Partner before you can place or manage your Online Bookings using our Platform. When you open an account you may create a password, or other secure login method, and may also have to provide credit card and other payment details.
  2. You must keep any password you create, or other secure login method, secret, and prevent others from accessing your mobile phone or email account. If another person uses these methods to access your account, you will be responsible to pay for any Online Bookings they made or responsible for the changes such a pricings in the Business Partner Platform.
  3. You may close your account at any time by requesting to do so in your account section of our Platform or by contacting us using the contact details above.
  4. We may suspend access to your account, or close it permanently, if we believe that your account has been used by someone else. We may also close your account if we believe you are abusing our Service (for example attempting to scam other Users, making repeated unreasonable complaints, or any other good reason).

4. Service Availability

  1. Each Business Partner has a prescribed operational area or unlimited range depending on the nature of their business (for example a Delivery Partner in Town A can only deliver within Town A, or a Service Partner offering hotel rooms can offer it to Customers anywhere around the world.)
  2. If you try to make an Online Booking to a location outside the Business Partner area of reach or outside the operating hours of a Business Partner, or the Platform is otherwise unavailable for any reason, we will notify you that making an Online Booking will not be possible.
  3. Our Business Partners will deliver their goods or services within a timely manner depending on the nature of their business. Business Partners will attempt to deliver goods and services as soon as possible; you must therefore be available to accept delivery or services at the time or place stated in your Online Booking.
  4. Unfortunately, despite the Company’s and our Business Partners’ best efforts, things may not go according to plan thus preventing the Business Partners from offering their delivery or services to you on time.

5. Pricing & Payment

  1. Business Partners can manage their products, services, and deliveries pricing from the Platform. The Company reserves the right to charge a Service Fee which may be subject to change, for the provision of our Services. The Company charges a commission for each sale and deliveries completed. The latest rate is determined by the Company and payable to the Company within 7 (SEVEN) working days via cash deposit or online transfer to Company’s bank account.
  2. The Company is authorised by the Business Partners to accept payment on their behalf and payment of the price of any Online Bookings to us will fulfill the Customers’ obligation to pay the price to the Business Partner.
  3. In the event BeliBeli24 Customers paid to the Company the full amount, the Company shall pay the Business Partners their share within 7 (SEVEN) working days via cash, cheque, bank-in, or online transfer.
  4. Prices must be shown correctly to BeliBeli24 Customers at all times. The local tax and other applicable taxes must be included in the pricing of the products, services, and/or deliveries by the Business Partners and the Company.
  5. We may operate a dynamic pricing which means that prices of Online Bookings may change while you are browsing. Prices may also change at any time at the discretion of the Business Partner.
  6. If there is an obvious mistake in the pricing the Business Partner must notify the Customer before proceeding with the Online Booking.

6. About Minors & Age Restricted Products

  1. Any underage individuals below the age of 18 years old must obtain consent and approval from parents, guardians, or appointed caretakers to use the Service.
  2. By placing an Online Booking for age restricted product, the Customer confirms that he or she is at least 18 years old. Business Partners may refuse providing deliveries or services with age restriction to any person who does not look aged 18 unless they can provide valid documentation proving that they are aged 18 or over.

7. Cancellation

  1. Customers may cancel an order without charge at any time before the Business Partner has started preparing the product or begin providing the service (a “Started Booking”) If the Customer wishes to cancel an Online Booking before it becomes a Started Booking, please contact the Company immediately.
  2. If the Business Partner confirms the Online Booking was not Started Booking, we will refund your payment (excluding discount, or Voucher that was applied to the Online Booking) within 7 (SEVEN) working days.
  3. If the Customer cancels any Online Booking after it becomes a Started Booking, the Customer will be charged the full price for deliveries or services.
  4. The Company and the Business Partner may notify the Customer that an order has been cancelled at any time. The Customer will not be charged for any Online Bookings cancelled by the Company or the Business Partner, and the Company will reimburse the Customer for any payment already made using the same method the Customer used to pay for the Customer’s Online Booking. The Company may also apply credit to the User Account to reflect the inconvenience caused.

8. Tips

  1. Customers have the rights to tip the Business Partners voluntarily for any good reason.
  2. Business Partners will receive 100% of the tips given by the Customers.

9. Data Protection

  1. The Company processes User personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

10. Other Terms

  1. These Terms are the entire agreement between us; any other Terms implied by law are excluded to the maximum possible extent.
  2. These Terms also supersede all prior agreements between us relating to this subject.
  3. If a court or other authority decides that any part of these Terms is illegal or ineffective, the rest of the Terms will be unaffected and will remain in force.
  4. The Company may change these Terms from time to time. If we make any changes which affect your rights in relation to our Service, we will notify you. Changes to the Terms will not affect any Online Bookings you have placed where we have sent the confirmation.
  5. These Terms are governed by Malaysia law and you can bring legal proceedings in relation to our Service in the Malaysia courts.
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